I have decided to start posting here again, with possible updates in my dead journal. Well as most of you know I was working at Colossus as a projectionist, and a little while ago the decided my services were no longer needed and got rid of me. I was there for 2 months and 3 weeks, which was 1 week shy of the end of my probation. I really enjoyed my time there. I am currently not doing anything except for calls I get from The Computer Doctor (the place where I do my computer repair and consulting which isn’t always busy). I applied at a few places and I haven’t got any calls back. Any of you need someone with computer skills, projectionist skills, or people skills?? Hey if you do email me at I have to go give a lesson on how to use a Mac tomorrow. It will be about the basics and some stuff like burning cd’s, importing digital pics, importing movies from a video camara and stuff like that, it should be interesting. Well I am going to go to sleep now. Good night.

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