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I got a package…

So I got a package the other day and it was a motherboard for my not functioning website namesake, my Blue and White G4. So today I got a chance to replace the mobo and see if it would start up. After waiting a bit (since it is currently a blue and white G3) It […]

I’ve been busy (again)

I am guessing most of you saw the new products that Apple released today. If you haven’t then you either don’t care or you live under a rock. I know this post is a bit late but I was busy this afternoon doing nothing and I couldn’t get the momentum to go to the computer […]

I was just surfing and I came across an article that shows any Mac user how to build your own PVR with a DV camera, a FireWire port and HackTv click here to read the article written by Erica Sadun Another really interesting link is this one. It allows you to create each character […]

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