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Big Update…

Well it has been a while since I last posted and a lot has happened, so I guess I should fill you in…. I got engaged to Lizzy in February at the ROM which was kinda nerve wracking. I was so happy when she said yes. I didn’t have a ring to give her at […]

A real downtown job.

So as usual it has been forever since my last post. Reason being work was hectic and then I quit once I got a new job doing IT. I now work at The Hospital for Sick Children. Things here are pretty good. I am settling into my role here and everyone is really friendly. I […]

Stuff and stuff

Ok, you are probably asking yourself what has Dave been up too?? Well I have been working, talking with Lizzy and sleeping. I also sprinkle in a bit of web surfing and email checking when I get around to it. I have also been taking pictures in the last little bit. On my first day […]

Quick Update

Just letting you guys know that I am in Ottawa and I will probably be busy most of the weekend spending time with Lizzy or doing some web deisgn for a friend (when I say web design I mean editing someone elses design and putting different content on it. Don’t worry it came from […]

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