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Big Update…

Well it has been a while since I last posted and a lot has happened, so I guess I should fill you in…. I got engaged to Lizzy in February at the ROM which was kinda nerve wracking. I was so happy when she said yes. I didn’t have a ring to give her at […]

A real downtown job.

So as usual it has been forever since my last post. Reason being work was hectic and then I quit once I got a new job doing IT. I now work at The Hospital for Sick Children. Things here are pretty good. I am settling into my role here and everyone is really friendly. I […]

Hey, I sold that.

So I was watching Saw III today and while I was watching it I noticed something familiar that set off a thought in my head. As you can see “Jigsaw” is holding a Sony HC46 Camcorder. Now you are probably asking yourself “Ya sure whats the big deal?”. Well the big deal is that I […]

See you Adam

So it is January 19th, 2007 and what am I doing tonight? Going out with a bunch of co-workers to have one last party for my former supervisor. Hopefully it will be enjoyable. The sad thing is that next week I start in cellular phones which hopefully will be better than today I was covering […]

Look who is in charge

So This week I am acting supervisor in Digital Imaging since the current supervisor went back to school (Good luck with that Adam) so I have to do a whole whack of things this week before Thursday. I hope that the guys in the department don’t mind me being a.w.o.l for a bit while I […]

A fresh start?

So it is a new year and what does that mean? Well… It means new opportunities, new chances to achieve goals, new jobs, new memories, etc. So I hope this year is good to each and every one of you. Dave

The New Blogger

Well I have switched over to the new blogger. I will explore when I get time. I will see if I find anything that is new that i like more or dislike. Dave P.S. Have a great Holiday Season P.P.S. I forgot to mention when I left work last night we had a bunch of […]

Sales end Thursday night

Ok so today was a long day with a bunch of disappointed people who didn’t get any Wii’s or PS3’s. So other than that it was business as usual at Best Buy and it was a new flyer which meant customers who came in and asked for things that were no longer on sale. The […]

Second launch day

So today we had a second launch day for the Wii and the PS3 and it was even crazier then the first one. I think it was a combination of people realizing that Christmas is coming soon and that if they don’t wait in the line with the fanboys they won’t get one and they […]

Wii launch

So can you guess what happened today? Are you sure you can’t guess? Well lets just say it had something to do with Nintendo. Does that help? Ok so it was the launch of the new Wii console. So what happened today well I got lucky again and to come into work early and work […]

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