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It has been a while…. As usual.

Ok so I haven’t posted in a while which usually happens as you know. So I have some free time and I also just upgraded wordpress on the server. I also registered which redirects here for now I will have to figure out what I want to do with it. Last night I watched […]

Why I don’t go to the movies.

Ok it has been a while since I posted and a lot longer since I saw a movie in theaters but even though I don’t like to go to theaters that much any more because of the high prices for pretty much everything, and the sticky floors, and my newest foe that has been around […]

Wasting time with DVDs

Ok well I have been busy in Cellular this week with no customers so I decided to take some of my pay to buy some DVD’s and I just finished watching one…. Poolhall Junkies So it was pretty good I did enjoy it. It is a lesser know Walken movie. It has some other pretty […]

TV from the past

Just one quick post…. Does anyone remember this show? well if you clicked the link you know it was called The Mighty Hercules. I remember watching The Mighty Hercules really early in the morning like before the Sun came up. I would also watch Rocket Robin Hood. I know these cartoons stopped being produced like […]

How I Met Your Mother (Update)

I forgot to mention that Neil Patrick Harris’ character in How I met your mother has a blog of his own. So go check it out.

How I Met Your Mother

Well another week has begun which means that I should probably start posting again (I don’t always have time to post on the weekend). So I bet the majority of you watched Desperate Housewives and you might have also watched Grey’s Anatomy. So I watched them and I enjoyed them they both added depth to […]

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