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Look who is in charge

So This week I am acting supervisor in Digital Imaging since the current supervisor went back to school (Good luck with that Adam) so I have to do a whole whack of things this week before Thursday. I hope that the guys in the department don’t mind me being a.w.o.l for a bit while I […]

Sales end Thursday night

Ok so today was a long day with a bunch of disappointed people who didn’t get any Wii’s or PS3’s. So other than that it was business as usual at Best Buy and it was a new flyer which meant customers who came in and asked for things that were no longer on sale. The […]

Wii launch

So can you guess what happened today? Are you sure you can’t guess? Well lets just say it had something to do with Nintendo. Does that help? Ok so it was the launch of the new Wii console. So what happened today well I got lucky again and to come into work early and work […]

I got a package…

So I got a package the other day and it was a motherboard for my not functioning website namesake, my Blue and White G4. So today I got a chance to replace the mobo and see if it would start up. After waiting a bit (since it is currently a blue and white G3) It […]

Stuff and stuff

Ok, you are probably asking yourself what has Dave been up too?? Well I have been working, talking with Lizzy and sleeping. I also sprinkle in a bit of web surfing and email checking when I get around to it. I have also been taking pictures in the last little bit. On my first day […]

Quick update

Ok I have some free time so I am going to post. Just letting you know that things at Best Buy are still going well and I might be changing departments soon which will be interesting. I have been working like crazy trying to make Best Buy for Business function as best as it can […]

Winning Eleven 9

Wow, it has been a long time since I have done this. The is what happens when you try and balance 40 hours a week of work, a long distance relationship, friends and family and sleep. I got promoted at Best Buy before my seasonal position was up. I am now part of Best Buy […]

I’ve been busy (again)

I am guessing most of you saw the new products that Apple released today. If you haven’t then you either don’t care or you live under a rock. I know this post is a bit late but I was busy this afternoon doing nothing and I couldn’t get the momentum to go to the computer […]


I found out why I was getting so many links to one image and it was because people were linking to it in there myspace profiles. That is just wrong. If I have an image I want someone to see I host it on my web space or on imageshack or some other place that […]

Stuff and stuff

Ok well as you may have noticed I got lazy with posting again. I have been working so much I haven’t had time to do anything. I have spent way to much time at Best Buy selling stuff and answering questions. But the good thing is I am getting paid and money is nice to […]

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