April, 2002

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Well, another day has passed and I noticed a huge spike in visits to my main homepage right after I hosted the new eminem single “Without Me” on my multimedia page. Yesterday I got almost 600 hits and today it is just past 200, the last time I got that many hits was when I […]

Check out for the newest macs on the market……..

Well I fixed another computer today. It was an enjoyable experience, it is nice to get friendly customers as opposed to ones who are angry all the time. Well I just took a stroll in the rain downtown, long story. I also put the new Eminem single in the multimedia section on my main web […]

I forgot to say I got another call for work today, the problem is that she isn’t home, so I don’t know what is wrong with her computer.

Went to a friends house today to make Pysanky, I just put mine in the yellow dye and I had some time to type this so I am updating my blog. I just noticed that i have yellow dye on one of my fingers. Oh well I will probably update again tonight. I get a […]

It’s friday?? where did the week go?? I had to work this morning, $60/hour isn’t that bad at all. It actually gives me reason to get up in the morning. I’ll post again later with any new news. An OS X users want a copy of Quicktime 6??

The burner is being tested….. I have burnt about 5 CD’s since i got it (I have been out of the house for a while). I still have to burn a few more. Anyone else need to burn a cd?? :O]>

Ok I tried Photoshop 7 not much difference from 6 other than the OS X compatibility, but I really haven’t tried to use it too much, I will probably next week. I am off to pick up me new burner 32x10x40, full product rating once it is set up and working.

Photoshop 7 is here!!!! I can’t wait to try it!!!!!

Well its another day, and last night / early this morning I got a test version of Quicktime 6 still not fully released, and Photoshop 7 should aslo be on it’s way today, I cant wait!!!!

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