May, 2002

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I didn’t see the game yet but I heard the news. In a stunning upset Senegal beat France in the opening game of the world cup with a 1 – 0 final. Most of the reports mention the Zidane was not playing. That is all good and well but just because of one guy they […]

Can anyone tell me why my counter keeps disappearing off my page?? I just remembered you have to do your html editing on there site not yours so any new code has to be entered on there editing screen not my own. Well now it is fixed, it was a stupid mistake.

I know I know I didn’t update the music, I am sorry. I will update it next week for sure. I have been really busy everyday this week and I don’t have enough time to get new music. But I will have new stuff by Sunday or Monday so you will see new music up […]

One option about this blog that I think I might make active is the team section where other people can post, but if I allow someone else to post they might not be mac addicts because none of my close friends use macs, I will see what I will do in the next few weeks, […]

Apparently it is back up on the search results. Go see for yourself

After posting the google news about my site I went to double check that it was still up when you search for it. What did I find?? Well that is is no longer in the search index of sites. Oh well hopefully it will be in the future. All you readers out there with sites […]

Well the day has come. You are probably asking yourself what day?? Why is this guy ranting again about mindless crap. My response to you is that both my blog and my main site are now in the search database. So if you search for themacaddict (one word) you will find my main site. […]

Yesterday (Friday) a group of my friends and I went bowling. I did horribly and I somehow hurt my ankle. Today I lounged around the house since we had construction in our basement. Once they were done we went out to my cousins birthday party which was a nice change from lounging. We watched the […]

bla bla bla, I went furniture shopping today. It was ok, I found some bedroom stuff I really liked. I also tried to arrange to do stuff friday night. I think we are going to go bowling again, but this time it should be cosmic bowling. I have to call and see if I need […]

Another day has passed. You are probably asking yourself, “hey, I wonder what that crazy / lazy macaddict guy did today?”. Well to answer that question I would say, I woke up when my girlfriend called me which is so much nicer than sleeping in. The I got out of bed and made lunch, washed […]

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