June, 2002

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Well I finally shaved today (I have a goatee again). I no longer look like a dirty vagrent / unshaven macaddict who has’t left the house in weeks (eventhough I have). I went to see Mr. Deeds last night and I really liked it. Well to tell you the truth I like pretty much all […]

I was just about to go to sleep and i forgot to post in my blog so this is going to be quick. Todays news: I made a new logo for my site, i had wanted to change it for a while (not this site the main one second page top corner). I also got […]

Oh ya I didn’t shave….. my bad.

Well I finally got around to it, the massive video update, there are so many videos you might have seen a few but they will bring back good memories, so enjoy. I am off, hopefully none of you had worldcom shares. good night.

I may not be able to boot from OS 9.2.2, but I have fixed it so that I can run classic applications in classic mode again. It feels so nice to have real player back, so much media stuff out there is for real player, and there still isn’t a version that is for OS […]

I forgot to mention I went to go see Juwanna Mann this weekend. It was funny, eventhough the majority of the funny parts were in the trailer(s). The one thing I noticed when I walked into the theater with my girlfriend was that we had become visible minorities. That is not a bad thing but […]

I was so busy this weekend, I spent more time out of the house then in it. I did so many thing…. visit family, spend time with friends, go out to eat, drive around, etc. So sometime soon I will update the flash files on my site I have a bunch of flash files from […]

“BIF NAKED” “Lucky” it was a monday, when my lover told me, “never pay the reaper with love only.” what could i say to you, except, “i love you.” and “i’d give my life for yours.” i know we are: we are the lucky ones. i know we are: we are the lucky ones. i […]

Well while watching tv I found something that interested me and caught my attention, which is nice because tv is really boring right now. I saw a news program talking about P3P it is the new standard for internet privacy. So go check out the link and get some more info, apparently some web browsers […]

Tonight I went out to dinner with my girlfriend, after shopping at The Eaton Center. We didn’t plan on going out to dinner but it was late and we were downtown so we did. We found this really good restaurant. It was called The Ancient (@ 751 Queen Street West, Tel: (416) 703-2171). The bill […]

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