July, 2002

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Hey I am back and this is a link that some of you might be interested in. This is just another reason in a long list of why Americans can be annoying. If this bill passes, internet security will become a vital part of any computer system. File d/ling maybe illegal but it doesn’t give […]

Right now I think I am going to take a break from my blog for a while and hopefully when I come back I will have stuff to say. So I am off now to have a little me time, because I haven’t had any in a while………….. :O/>

What happened to Closed for maintinace, (and they said they would keep track of my hits which they didn’t). Now they are overloaded and not showing any information at all. I think i might have to hook up a different stat program. Any suggestions just email me.

Well I bet all of you thought I had forgotten about you and my blog. Well I have been busy and most of my time spent at the computer was actually not at this one. I spent a lot of time out with friends, taking my mom places to buy stuff, now that her summer […]

Blog update coming soon.

This weekend was long and also included lack of sleep, hot weather, car problems and bunch of other things. Well I didn’t get to see MIB 2 on friday because of schedule problems but i did watch severla hours of the game show network at a friends house. Then Saturday I had a wedding mass […]

Hot, humid, and sticky……. That is all I have to say about today, I want to go to sleep, all my friends have gone to sleep, so why am I still awake? I have no clue talk to all of you tommrow.

Well I bet you were wondering if I lasted or not. Well I did, it was crazy hot humid and long. Well let me tell you what I did all weekend…. I can’t remember Saturday I think I went to go see Mr. Deeds on Friday (like my blog says). Saturday I know I went […]

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