September, 2002

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On my way to the train station to go to Ottawa. I will talk to all of you when I get back on Monday. Dave

I am going up to Ottawa soon. I can’t believe it. I also put down a deposit on Grand Theft Auto : Vice City. that game is supposed to be amazing, and I think that it will live up to the hype. It is a Canadian game since it was designed and created in Canada. […]

MyDead Journal.

I just bought Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 for PS2, that is a fun game, I have to get as good at it as I did on the old ones on PSX.

Well about that story…… I got a job offer in a kfc parking lot… no not to be a driver, but to work for some web based company. I have an interview for the job on monday at a tim horton’s. I think I am going to put some news here and some on my […]

I got a dead Journal today.

Well right now I don’t feel like telling the story right now maybe tommrow.

Ok I have recieved notice from 2 people that they read my blog. Well that is 2 more than 0. Tommrow I will tell you all about what happened to me at the KFC parking lot down the street from my house. Well one of you 2 will have to wait until tommrow to find […]

It is the last day of the long weekend, and what am I doing?? Well pretty much nothing I am sitting around relaxing and listening to mp3’s. I hope to be doing more interesting stuff during the week. So for now I am off to keep relaxing.

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