February, 2003

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Well I am almost complete my full switch from Internet Explorer to Apples Safari browser. All my book marks have been transfered and now i am just setting up my dead journal (which i just did) and now my blog is switched over so i can click a button and automatically log in from safari. […]

Well it’s been a few days since my last update. I don’t really have anything new to tell anyone out there. I am still working @ redtag. I’ve sold a few computers which is pretty good I don’t get paid anything extra for that though. My car has been acting up a lot lately which […]

A big Shout out to my one and only reader, i’m glad you find this interesting. Well I have been working lately which is nice. I am enjoying it but there are a lot of pc users who come in and want pc stuff and don’t realize the big apple outside and the numerous apple […]

I aslo forgot to mention I found out what really happened at Colossus. I might tell you at a later date. I am off to go get ready to do stuff this afternoon.

Well, I bet all of you were waiting with baited breath for a blog update (ya right). Well I am back from Ottawa safe and Happy. I enjoyed my trip, and eventhough Lizzy had some homework to do while I was there it wasn’t that bad. Well If you want more information you can ask […]

Well tomorrow I am going to go to Ottawa so I won’t update my blog till probably Wednesday. I hope I can give you good news about my job hunt. My interview actually went somewhat well today so my fingers are crossed. I am going to go back to packing. Dave

I’d like to welcome you to another blog update. Well yesterday I got called for a job interview which I was waiting for the bast 2 weeks. I hope I get the job since the money I earn will be well spent. I am going to Ottawa this weekend to go see my girlfriend who […]

Well it’s that time again when I update my blog. Well in the past few days I got a very important delivery from ebay. I went to see a friend of mine in a varity show he put togehter (and it was really funny). I Played pool at the crooked cue for the first time […]

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