March, 2003

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Sorry about the no way into my site today, but as you have probably seen it’s been fixed. I am off to bed because it’s 1:30 am and I want some sleep tonight.

Hey, Just wanted to say sorry about the downtime today, but I hadn’t noticed that rogers had changed my ip. All is fixed and I am trying to get my new counters up and running due to the fact my old stats place no longer has free stats. I am off to bed now to […]

Ok, not only was ‘The Usual Suspects’ on but ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ was on and so was Good Will Hunting, I wish fight club was on it would have probably been the greatest night in tv history, or maybe not. I am going to go to sleep now because I have work […]

Well last night I went to see ‘Old School’ at the queensway and the movie was enjoyable, I had a couple of good laughs but I didn’t enjoy the movies as one of my friends he was hysterically laughing at a bunch of scenes. Well if you like college movies and you haven’t seen old […]

Right now I am so tired I want to collapse, but I am staying awake, don’t ask me why I just am. Did any of you like the update?? I guess you did since no one emailed me. Well I am going to go back to forcing my self to stay awak for a bit […]

Hey, I just put up new music and 2 new vids (the vids aren’t crazy or anything just stuff that was interesting). If you don’t like it tell me and I will try and find new stuff to put up. I am kinda busy with work so If I update my site it will probably […]

I got my copy of fight club and I am happy, now all I need is an amp for the subs in my car, I am going to go out and probably pick one up on monday. Well I went to work today and I will be going to work every day this week, some […]

Look at me post in my blog. My only reader is here tonight so this is pretty much useless. If there actually is more than one of you email me and I will stop saying I only have one reader.

Just letting you people know in the next few days I should be the proud owner of an original copy of Fight club the double dvd, I also hope to be the proud owner of the ring as well.

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