September, 2003

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Well another day has passed and not much has happened. I am trying to think of a .com to register since I got me some free web hosting at 500MB free for three years, I think that is a pretty decent deal. I also found out that Jesse James is going to come to […]

Well last night there was a power outtage on my strret and I didn’t have power so I couldn’t watch tv, mess around online or pretty much anything else. I drove to a buddy of mine’s house and watched tv there and all was good. The power came back on at about 4 am or […]

Hey people it’s sunday night and I am waiting for this week episode of Six Feet Under. I’m sorry I haven’t updated the last few days, since I was really busy. I am off to go do some stuff before I watch Six Feet Under. Oh if you get a change go and check out […]

Well my loyal reader(s), let me tell you one thing, If you are at York Mills and Don Mills do not try and take Lawrence anywhere, it’s a traffic jammed puzzle (for a bit and a traffic jam for the rest of the way). I was at school today and one of the classes I […]

Well to anyone who is out there I have returned. I am finished my year off and I am back at school learning a bunch of fun stuff (asp, everything hardware, win 2000 advanced server etc.) I am going to try and keep a somewhat recent blog. I will tell you about my day and […]

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