October, 2003

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The site is up and running and anyone can go to it. I want to all let you know that I am so sick. I have gone through a whole box of klennex today. I also got my stereo installed in my car so I can now listen to burnt cd’s. It took 3 and […]

Well it was going to happen sooner or later, I registered my first domain name. After months of careful thought I narrowed it down to It’s not ready yet but it will be soon. I can’t wait. I hope all of you enjoy it. It is going to have my old site in it […]

Well it’s sunday and I haven’t updated my blog lately but i’ve been busy with school and work. Today was such a slow day at work though, we had like 8 customers. I decided to up date my blog eventhough I had pretty much nothing new to say. I have been enjoying poisened and Bittorrent […]

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