January, 2004

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Ladies and gentleman, with the help of a friend the video’s have been found @ So go check them out. If they go down you can email me and I should be able to send them to you. I have to say that this week seems so long and at the rate it’s going […]

It is a new week, and it is snowing like crazy. The driving conditions aren’t that bad so I am not complaining that much. This morning on the radio I heard something about a Gord Martineau blooper’s tape, where he bad mouth’s a few people and points out that his crotch is more interesting then […]

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s a new year and I know I’ve said this before but I will really try to update this blog more often. It’s a new semester in school so I should have some stuff to talk about. I will also try and post links to interesting stuff I find on the […]

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