April, 2004

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I am off to Ottawa this afternoon to take care of some important business. The next update should be on Sunday. Dave

Thanks to the nice people at (who are the same people at I got access to the gmail beta test which is kinda nice. Here is a pic, with one one email inside. most of you have seen what gmail looks like on the inside anyways so this is just a waste of […]

Just a quick post with my 4 fav p2p type applications…… Acquisition, Poisoned, mlMac, and Azureus. these apps can be found very eaisly, so find them on your own. But remember that using these apps to steal is wrong. Dave

I just watched…… and It was pretty good. Just incase you don’t know the pic above is from punisher. I also watched……. and it was really good. I enjoyed both Volumes of Kill Bill a lot. I give both movies a thumbs up (Punisher and Kill Bill Vol. 2). until next time Dave

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