May, 2004

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I haven’t updated this weekend because it’s a holiday weekend here in Canada. Posting will resume tomorrow. Happy Victoria Day to all you Canadians out there.

Today’s application is iTMS Extractor. What this app does is it allows you to download the music videos from the iTunes Music Store. Some of you might think that this might only work in the US or have some catch but there isn’t a catch. I’m in Canada and I have tested it and I […]

No review today just a link to Paranoid Android which is a free fix to the current exploit in Safari. This program is free and it installs itself with Application Enhancer. With Application Enhancer you can install other enhancements from Unsanity which you may find useful. The additional enhancements are not free but the prices […]

Today’s application is XFactor. When I first started the app it looked a lot like Poisoned. So I wasn’t expecting much of a difference between the two apps. Then a few differences started to pop up. First difference it has a viewer built-in where you can preview your video downloads (haven’t tried any videos other […]

Ok I picked Shredit X as my first app to review. If you go to the website you can see that in the demo you can delete files but you can’t securely delete the files unless you actually pay for the application. Once you do, you have several options as to how many passes you […]

Just a quick post today. On Saturday I was watching SNL like I do every Saturday but this time it was the season finale, which was expected. The unexpected part was that Jimmy Fallon said it was his last show. It was completly out of the blue. (Just incase you don’t know who he is […]

Well, I have returned from Ottawa. I enjoyed myself while I was there, I went to B.Mac which is an Apple store in Ottawa, which was a fun waste of time in the afternoon while my girlfriend was at work. I didn’t miss much while I was away. I was able to d/l all the […]

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