September, 2004

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Just wondering if anyone else got stuck in the big traffic jam in Toronto today. I was stuck in it and on the side streets going to school this morning for almost 3 hours. It normally take about 30 min to get to school in the morning. Once I got to school I took a […]

Well ladies and gentlemen, I know it has been a while since my last update and I am sorry. I promised pics from the test drive and I got them and posted them to my spymac account and they can be seen using the link I have posted below. Cadillac Pics I also saw a […]

Well another week has come to a close. This week I got a lab monitor position at Seneca which I wanted. I will be working in 2 Hardware 101 labs helping people take computers apart and putting them back together. They gave me a t-shirt that I have to wear while I am being a […]

Well as I sit here updating my blog the new school year gradually creeps closer. I am not really worried about it but it feels like last week was the start of the summer. If flew by so fast. I spent a lof of time with friends hanging around, or watching movies or just going […]

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