October, 2004

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Well I was just doing my daily surfing of mac sites and found this. I have seen the rumors floating around the net and didn’t really give them much thought because the colour screen rumour has been floating around for a while. But now it has fianlly come true. I know most of you will […]

Well I did a bit more house keeping today, I added a few link buttons on the right side. A few of them were pre-made and I had to make the others. I cleaned the code up a bit but I couldn’t do much since it isn’t my code. This week is “Study” week at […]

Well last night I did a bit of cleaning up on my site, and a small amount in my blog. I actually put in some effort and got rid of dead links, added some new ones. I also will hopefully get linked @ Blogs Canada which means I will actually get some readers (hopefully). In […]

I’m sitting here @ the Don Mills Seneca campus wasting time until a few of my friends are done class so we can go for lunch I decided to do an update. As most of you know the weekend that just passed we had a long weekend for Thanksgiving. I bet all of you were […]

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