November, 2004

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Well if you have been reading Lizzy’s Blog then you know that she is hooked on Joan of Arcadia which I downloaded for her. Well if she had a TV I would buy her the Philips DVP642 which I just got over the weekend. I have wanted this DVD player for almost a year. My […]

Well this morning I got to school about 15 min early so I walked around for a bit since nothing was open yet (I was at school @ 7:45). While I was walking around I noticed a sign in the hallway that said Jason Rouse and Tommy Campbell were going to be doing some stand-up […]

Just saw this on slashdot and thought it was really interesting. go take a look. It’s about bittorrent and how it accounts for 35% of all traffic on the net and other probably interesting facts. Dave

OK, I know I haven’t updated in a while and the reason is I have been busy with school and my trip to Montreal. Last week I was working at school during study week as I mentioned and then over the weekend I went to go visit Lizzy. While I was in Montreal I did […]

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