January, 2005

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Well as most of you know 21 years ago yesterday Macintosh was released. If you haven’t checked out slashdot then you probably haven’t see this link. It has a digitally re-mastered video from the release of the Macintosh. It was recorded by Scott Knaster. Another video is apparently going to be released soon. Well School […]

After several days of fighting with the blogger online posting I have successfully moved my blog from my Rogers webspace to my hosting companies webspace. My original plan was to move it to the new Rogers / Geocities webspace but I couldn’t publish new posts because it said I wasn’t authorized to do so. So […]

So I haven’t updated my blog in a while and some of you out there are probably wondering what I have been up too. Well I finished off the holidays and spent time with Lizzy before she went back to Ottawa for school. Then I had an extra week off so I got the privilege […]

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