June, 2005

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Some of you reading this might know about a flash game called Grow Ver.3. You might also have had trouble solving it. Well if you have given up I have recently found the order to place the items so that you can win if you want too. The pattern I used was… Egg, box, ball, […]

Some of you might have seen the new ad campaign the Toronto has. Some of the other ads that they are running in news papers look like this , this, this, this, and this. I actually think it is an interesting concept and I hope it works because if it doesn’t then it is just […]

I saw this online today it is one of the sony dev kits for the PS 3.enjoy

One of those silly online IQ tests. Here are my results. Your IQ Is 140 Your Logical Intelligence is GeniusYour Verbal Intelligence is GeniusYour Mathematical Intelligence is GeniusYour General Knowledge is Genius A Quick and Dirty IQ Test

Ok it has been a while since I posted but I have been busy. Would you expect anything less? So back to the point which is a blog update so most of you are probably wondering what has been going on since I haven’t posted in a while. Well to start I wrote all of […]

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