October, 2005

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Postsecret Halloween

I just found a very appropriate postcard on Postsecret relating to eating to much candy just incase you didn’t believe me Dave


Well it’s Halloween and I am guessing some of you went out and tried to get as much free candy as possible. While others like myself stayed in and handed candy out to a whole bunch of kids. This year we had the usual costumes like cats, fairies, childrens TV show characters, angels, something dead, […]

Quick Post

So I haven’t posted in a few day and teh reason is I was busy. I had places to go and people to see which does happen/ I even graduated from Seneca. So right now I have a little bit of time so I decided to post to links I stumbled on recently. One is […]

How I Met Your Mother (Update)

I forgot to mention that Neil Patrick Harris’ character in How I met your mother has a blog of his own. So go check it out.

How I Met Your Mother

Well another week has begun which means that I should probably start posting again (I don’t always have time to post on the weekend). So I bet the majority of you watched Desperate Housewives and you might have also watched Grey’s Anatomy. So I watched them and I enjoyed them they both added depth to […]

I am just sitting here wondering why a lot of my traffic seems to be coming from people who want to see an image I have on my site. The image below is what every one seems to want… When I posted it way back around Christmas last year I had no idea it would […]

During my daily surfing today I found Gas Games which has a boat load of fun flash games. The games are slightly addictive which makes them that much more fun. I think best one has to be Gravity. I also found a few more annoying yahoo pics. You might have heard about the updates apple […]

Well I was just on Digg and saw a post for a price irregularity on The guy actually placed an order and wants to see what is going to happen with the credit card charges. A lot of people were laughing at him for possibly ruining his credit rating (that probably won’t happen because […]

Well I found a nice little app for you guys. If you have a Gmail account you might find this handy. It is a small program called gDisk and it is like the hundreds of other apps that allow you to use your Gmail account as a online Hard Drive. The only difference is that […]

Just a quick post about something that has been bothering me a little bit. I regularly check my Yahoo Mail and every time I log in I get to see the weird images of people that Yahoo wants representing them on the mail page. Below are four examples that I just picked at random… Now […]

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