November, 2005

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Web stuff

As you may have noticed I got lazy with my posting again. I really did have much to talk about recently since I have been busy with my webmaster stuff and working. I can’t believe that the Christmas season is almost here it feels like just yesterday it was still the summer. I hate how […]

Quick Update

Just letting you guys know that I am in Ottawa and I will probably be busy most of the weekend spending time with Lizzy or doing some web deisgn for a friend (when I say web design I mean editing someone elses design and putting different content on it. Don’t worry it came from […]

Busy Time

You might be asking yourself why hasn’t Dave posted recently. Well the answer to that question has a few parts to it. One big part is that I have been doing my training for my seasonal position at Best Buy which is actually quite nice. Another reason is TV has been really distracting lately which […]


Well I have been waiting around for a little app to come out and I thought I would mention it here so that it gets a little bit more attention. It is called Qnext and it looks very promising. The OS X version should be out soon (I found a post in the forum saying […]

Lack of Sleep

This morning I was up at 7 am (I went to bed around 3 am as usual) and right now I am so tired I want to go to bed. I had to get up to take my car to the dealership to get a recalled part replaced. That couch behind me looks so tempting […]

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