November, 2006

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TV from the past

Just one quick post…. Does anyone remember this show? well if you clicked the link you know it was called The Mighty Hercules. I remember watching The Mighty Hercules really early in the morning like before the Sun came up. I would also watch Rocket Robin Hood. I know these cartoons stopped being produced like […]

Second launch day

So today we had a second launch day for the Wii and the PS3 and it was even crazier then the first one. I think it was a combination of people realizing that Christmas is coming soon and that if they don’t wait in the line with the fanboys they won’t get one and they […]

Wii launch

So can you guess what happened today? Are you sure you can’t guess? Well lets just say it had something to do with Nintendo. Does that help? Ok so it was the launch of the new Wii console. So what happened today well I got lucky again and to come into work early and work […]

PS3 launch

Well today was the launch of the Playstation 3. So what does that mean? Well I got to work the launch at the Best Buy I work at. I got the wonderful opportunity of being at work a 6:30 am. So I since we only had like 25 units we were sold out before the […]

I got a package…

So I got a package the other day and it was a motherboard for my not functioning website namesake, my Blue and White G4. So today I got a chance to replace the mobo and see if it would start up. After waiting a bit (since it is currently a blue and white G3) It […]

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