January, 2007

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Wasting time with DVDs

Ok well I have been busy in Cellular this week with no customers so I decided to take some of my pay to buy some DVD’s and I just finished watching one…. Poolhall Junkies So it was pretty good I did enjoy it. It is a lesser know Walken movie. It has some other pretty […]

See you Adam

So it is January 19th, 2007 and what am I doing tonight? Going out with a bunch of co-workers to have one last party for my former supervisor. Hopefully it will be enjoyable. The sad thing is that next week I start in cellular phones which hopefully will be better than today I was covering […]

Look who is in charge

So This week I am acting supervisor in Digital Imaging since the current supervisor went back to school (Good luck with that Adam) so I have to do a whole whack of things this week before Thursday. I hope that the guys in the department don’t mind me being a.w.o.l for a bit while I […]

A fresh start?

So it is a new year and what does that mean? Well… It means new opportunities, new chances to achieve goals, new jobs, new memories, etc. So I hope this year is good to each and every one of you. Dave

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