So I haven’t updated my blog in a while and some of you out there are probably wondering what I have been up too. Well I finished off the holidays and spent time with Lizzy before she went back to Ottawa for school. Then I had an extra week off so I got the privilege of driving my mom around to the different places she wanted to go which isn’t actually that bad. I also had to go to school one day to fix a problem I had with my schedule.

Then I went back to school and had my first week of classes in my last semester at Seneca. I am kinda sad that I am leaving because in such a short time I have made a bunch of good friends (students and teachers). I also had the opportunity to be a lab assistant / monitor again this semester which I think is a good thing. I was asked to do the Hardware 101 labs again but because of my schedule I can only do one lab. It just so happens that that lab is the one where the main lab teacher won’t be in most of the time because she is double booked. I don’t mind being there because she was nice enough to make sure there was a second lab assistant in the class so that I wouldn’t have to be alone dealing with all the students myself (it wouldn’t be the first time I was being the only person in the room with some authority).

On Friday I had the first Hardware 101 lab where I had to show all the parts of the motherboard. I also had to talk about the cables, the different expansion slots, and what they can be used for. I know the students found it boring because it is boring. I can’t wait to start the real labs where they get to learn things by doing instead of me showing them.

The rest of the week I got intro t my new courses. This semester looks really interesting because I get to choose 4 out of my 5 courses as opposed to the previous semesters where all I got to do was pick what time I got to take them.

You are probably wondering what I want to accomplish this year or what my new years resolution was. This year I didn’t really make any resolutions just like previous years but the things I want to accomplish / do would be:

First I want to graduate in April and that is my first priority.
Second would be visiting Lizzy as much as possible.
Third would be updating this as much as I can.
Fourth would be to start school again in September in International Studies.

That is all for this update, but I would like to let anyone know if you want me to link to your site or you are linked to my site or are going to link to my site let me know and I will make one of those little link buttons and add it to my links.

I hope all of you have an enjoyable new year.


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