After several days of fighting with the blogger online posting I have successfully moved my blog from my Rogers webspace to my hosting companies webspace. My original plan was to move it to the new Rogers / Geocities webspace but I couldn’t publish new posts because it said I wasn’t authorized to do so. So after talking to tech support and sending an email to the support staff and getting nowhere I called the Rogers people again where the tech guy told me I should learn the Unix directory structure (I had to hold back because I didn’t want to embarrass him he told me that my root directory was index.html and we all know that index.html is a file in the root directory and not a directory) and after that he hung up on me. That was probably the first time I was disappointed with the Rogers Tech Support Service (I know a lot of you reading this really hate the support people already).

So now that everything is fixed I will hopefully update the blog as often as I can. I updated all the image links that I could find. If you fnd one that doesn’t work let me know.

I just took a test that would tell me if I am a loser or not and here are the results.

I am 24% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

Ok that is all from me tonight.


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