Well as most of you know 21 years ago yesterday Macintosh was released. If you haven’t checked out slashdot then you probably haven’t see this link. It has a digitally re-mastered video from the release of the Macintosh. It was recorded by Scott Knaster. Another video is apparently going to be released soon.

Well School has been keeping me somewhat busy recently. I have to install Apache soon for my INT420 labs and I also have to get mySQL up and running so I can do the rest of my DAT702 labs. Other than that my classes have been going pretty good.

I was also reading an article yesterday about a report that was going to be released today which I have found and you can get right here. Hopefully governments around the world take this seriously because if they don’t… Well we might all be very cold or dead in approximately 10 years. I also found this little bit of sunshine that is hiding behind the dark cloud of possible extinction. You can read the press release here and see it here.

It feels like I haven’t put up enough stuff for this post given all the time I have put into it. I hope you guys enjoy it because for the rest of the night I am going to sit back and relax.


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