I’ve been busy (again)

I am guessing most of you saw the new products that Apple released today. If you haven’t then you either don’t care or you live under a rock.

I know this post is a bit late but I was busy this afternoon doing nothing and I couldn’t get the momentum to go to the computer and post this. I know I have been pretty lazy with my posts recently but that is because I haven’t been spending as much time on the computer as I used too. I am either at work or I am doing something else. I am falling behind on checking my email I think I have almost 80 unread emails in my Yahoo account and I normally only have 1 or 2. I have also been falling behind on checking sites I normally go too.

I know now I will be getting less hours at work so I will be able to kinda get back to normal which will be nice.

That is all I have in my head right now maybe I will have something interesting to say when i get home from work tomorrow.


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