Quick update

Ok I have some free time so I am going to post. Just letting you know that things at Best Buy are still going well and I might be changing departments soon which will be interesting.

I have been working like crazy trying to make Best Buy for Business function as best as it can and make sure things are done properly so I will keep at that until I switch departments and ten see how things get done once I am gone. They still might come and ask me questions on how to do things.

This change will be for the better which is very good. I really want to see how the rebuilding in the computer departments works out after everyone gets settled after half the department quitting.

I also want to say good luck to Dave and Sandip with the new jobs they have.

Just wondering anyone buying a DS Lite when they come out? Only problem with them is that they are white and they are going to get dirty so fast.

That is all for tonight my dinner is ready.


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