Wii launch

So can you guess what happened today? Are you sure you can’t guess? Well lets just say it had something to do with Nintendo. Does that help? Ok so it was the launch of the new Wii console. So what happened today well I got lucky again and to come into work early and work this launch as well. So instead of like 25 units we had about 90 or so which meant we had a longer line. So Things took a bit longer today and I think more of these units will end up in homes as opposed to on ebay and then in homes.

So the other crazy thing about the Wii is that the second controller is actually made up of 2 controllers which come separately. But it doesn’t stop at that. You have the classic controller if you want to play the games you download from the online service that you buy with the Wii points you also have to buy. All that together isn’t as pricey as the PS3 but it still is getting expensive.

So that is about it. I am going to go relax because I am still tired since I didn’t sleep much this wiikend (get the joke… I know it isn’t funny but i am tired). I will try post any new news I hear about the wii and the PS3 if I hear anything.


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