Sales end Thursday night

Ok so today was a long day with a bunch of disappointed people who didn’t get any Wii’s or PS3’s. So other than that it was business as usual at Best Buy and it was a new flyer which meant customers who came in and asked for things that were no longer on sale. The sad part is that everything is on sale but… the items they wanted were not as discounted as they were yesterday. These things happen what can you do? Other than that it was a regular Friday. I got a chance to see the new Nikon D40 but I didn’t get to play with it. I will once we put in on demo. I will still probably prefer the Rebel XTi.

The only downside to today was:

1. The Rain and the cold temperatures.
2. When I got home tired I accidentally locked the keys in my car.

So I had to call CAA to come and get my keys out which they did in 30 min kinda like a pizza place but for car problems. So the membership came in handy this year more than once. I think I got a tow earlier this year.

So that is about all I have for today I am off to watch last night episode of Scrubs and go to sleep early since I have work at 8 am tomorrow morning Woot.


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  1. Anonymous  Says:

    When I left today there were already people in sleeping bags outside the store. Do they know we only release PS3s and Wiis on Friday? I know the system said that we had 19 60GB PS3s in stock.

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